Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Panama Canal Transit

Fendering up for transit

Sophie & us waiting at anchor for our pilot

Carlos our pilot / advisor

Rain storm lurking

Gatun Locks ahead

Rafting up to Saba

Two more catamarans transitting ahead of us

Is this going to be stressful??

Approaching the first Gutan lock

Panama line handler

Wet and waiting for lift

Goodbye Atlantic

Up we go!!

Next morning motoring through Gatun Lake

The crew - lots of fun

Traffic in the Lakes


Centennial Bridge

Oliver under the Centennial Bridge

Liza preparing her lines

Ship leaving Pedro Miguel Lock on the Pacific side

Entering Pedro Miguel Lock

Waiting to drop

Sharing the lock with 2 other cats and a large ship

A "mule" that positions the ship in Miraflore Locks

Down we go....

A peak at the Pacific from the last Miraflore Lock

Salt water rushing in

Approaching Bridge of the Americas

Teddy bears beware!!!

On a swing mooring at Balboa Yacht Club 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cayman Brac to Panama

Conch cleaning lessons

Approaching Panama

Breakwater of Cristobal, Panama

Shelter Bay Marina...does it ever stop raining in Panama?

Relaxing with Oliver and Daniel

Walking the Kennedy Loop close to the marina

Happy hour with friends waiting to transit

Good friends, Sue and Steve

Preparing to transit the Panama Canal