Thursday, October 27, 2011

Niuatoputapu, Tonga

Tafahi Island in the distance

Local boys collecting coconuts

Cooling down in a freshwater spring

One of many churches

Cars give way to horses!!

Invited to join locals in a Tongan feast

Food to feed an army

Adrian helping carry the food

Elders drinking traditional Kava

Happy brothers!

Local boys swimming to the boat for treats

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Uninhabited Atoll

 Very narrow pass...

Final approach

Large Blacktip Shark

Large bird population on the island

Boobies relaxing on the bow

Enjoying the last bit of Coconut milk

Suwarrow, Northern Cook Islands

Where is Cape Town?

James the Ranger shelling a few coconuts

Off Anchorage Island

Walking at low tide over the reef to the next island

Liza chatting to Serge from Spirare

Be warned

Shark feeding frenzy

The rangers bungalow on Suwarrow

Anyone stranded on an island needs Wilson

John the ranger enjoying lunch aboard Two Ticks

Another tough day on Suwarrow

Exploring the small island

Tom Neale's memorial

Two Dogs enjoying a sundowner

Successful fishing with John

James completing our departure paperwork

The dingy landing with the bungalow inbetween the palms

Coconut crab gets hold of a straw hat.