Wednesday, July 6, 2011

On the way to Marquesas, French Polynesia

After a rough night - we pick up a lot of flying fish

Over the Equator

That's how you fillet a fish...kaalgat Wharram style!

Passage entertainment

Five weeks at sea...did he lose the razor??

Approaching Hiva Oa, land after 35 days!

Atuona anchorage, Hiva Oa

We picked up a lot of should see what it looks like under the waterline

Local training

Nice to sit at a table that doesn't move!

Las Perlas, Panama

Contadora anchorage, Las Perlas

Time out on Yellow Dog


Isla Casaya

Tools for mango picking!!

Adrian picking mangos

Oliver and Daniel, the race is on! Note the oar for wind assistance!! 

Pedro Gonzales anchorage
Mom's water taxi

Goody, Dean 33 from South Africa

Beach braai

The right tool to crack open a coconut