Friday, January 28, 2011


Two Ticks and Follower anchored in Tyrell Bay

Baby brother in the background

Liza attending to the new motor - works beautifully

Swimming distance to the shore

Pahi 42 like Pollyanna

Enjoying drinks on the floating bar

Sunset in Tyrell Bay

Rain squall passing over

Dragon Bay, Grenada

Fish braai on Follower

Joachim attending to his braai - love the red umbrella

Overnighting in Dragon Bay

Dolphins playing off the bows

Prickly Bay

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting around Grenada

St. George's harbour

Annandale falls

Drying racks at Nutmeg factory

Still sorting Nutmegs manually

Rum tasting

Lovely lunch at Leapers Hill

Aftermath of Hurricane Ivan 2004

Beach on the Atlantic side of Grenada

Sugarcane crusher at Rum distillery

Turning Cocoa beans the old fashioned way

Liza and Joachim at Grand Etang Lake

Beer stop at a local haunt in the mountains

Adrian and Joseph our tour guide

Drinks at a local bar

Note the sign above our heads....does non-intoxicating liquor exist?


St. George

Lunch at Nutmeg

Beers at Prickly Bay Marina

Prickly Bay beach bar

New motor, same problems...that bastard 2-stroke!!!

Sunset off Two Ticks

Cocktails at True Blue Bay

Joachim and Adrian

Antonette and Liza

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fortaleza to the Caribbean

Arriving in Prickly Bay

Grenada in the distance

Are we there yet?

Bulk carrier passing close off our stern

Gourmet sarmies, good for a Hellmans advert!

Bucket shower a luxury..mmmmm

Good food is essential

Rainbow after a squall

The big smile says it all!!

Spot the fish on the end of the line...

Departing Fortaleza